Isle Joyeuse

Fete de la Musique July 8th-14th 2024

A week of Intimate events with vibrant live music, folk music, improvised music and even film music all fused together in a happy festival combo, with a great celebration concert on a larger scale at the end.

Presented by Internationally renowned Jersey cellist Gerard Le Feuvre.

While you read, why not listen to the orchestra here!

Welcome to our 4th Isle Joyeuse Festival

I am a Jersey born cellist who worked in London for many years with the English String Quartet, the English Chamber Orchestra, and many other groups before my work with the Kings Chamber Orchestra took over.  I was also head of education for the London Festival of Chamber Music for many years, and there are events for children and families wherever I am organising concerts. I have directed 1000 concerts in the Uk and abroad, and my group KCO are known for our informal, touching and humorous approach, delivering everything in the strong belief that our music is for EVERYONE.   Thats means you… Among the more seasoned London performers like myself are many young and brilliant musicians taking part. Do check out the “performers” page. More and more details will appear as time passes and the Festival gets closer…

L’isle Joyeuse is actually the title of a piece of piano music written by french composer Claude Debussy during a visit to Jersey in 1904, evoking something of the beauty and joy of our island home. I invite you to join us in surprising  intimate festive concerts over these 5 days. 

All welcome throughout.

Gerard Le Feuvre